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Vision Statement

To be a catalyst for conflict mitigation and non-violence. The center will focus on ethical behavior to build responsible individuals while offering best physical education.

Mission Statement

Through sports we will improve quality of life. We will use sports to build health body, open mind, and peaceful spirit and challenge our members to reach their fullest potentials. To achieve this, we will provide the best training technologies and equipment (healthy body) which will also provide an alternative to Qat; we will conduct lectures, invite guest speakers, and educate our members (open mind); and we will carve in our principles and values (peaceful spirit).

Principles & Values

We will concentrate on following qualities: Love, Integrity, Sincerity, Loyalty, Patience, Courage, Humbleness, and Compassion. Please refer to our "Code of Honor".


We work with the international Kajukenbo Associations which has schools in Germany, Canada and the USA to conduct conferences, and ex-change program. We seek to be sponsored by entities (NGOs, private sector, and governments) who view our mission as part of their activities and interests. Other partners include local sports clubs and schools where we seek to initiate larger activities and events locally.

About the Founder

Sports For Peace Center was founded by Mr. Samir Nassar in 2006 as part of dedicating his Martial Arts combined with his management skills and education towards social responsibility in Yemen to steer youth away from violence . Mr. Nassar started his martial arts training in the art of Shotokan Karate at the age of 13. He started Kajukenbo training in 1995 and earned his first degree black belt in May 2002 from Grandmaster Al Dacascos (Portland, Oregon); and third degree in May 2010 from Grandmaster Dacascos (Hamburg, Germany). His other martial arts experience include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Taekwando, Arnis, and Russian Martial Arts. Mr. Nassar earned his Bachelor's degree (Computer Science, 1996) and Master's degree (Engineering and Technology Management, 2001) from Portland State University. Combining management and sports skills makes Mr. Nassar unique and successful with youth from training to consulting and advising.


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